Quantum Vision Project

In quantum vision project, our objective is to utilize the tools of quantum information theory and quantum metrology in order to unravel the secrets of visual system and pave the way for new technologies. In this project we will analyze the feasibility quantum states of light for high precision retinal measurements. The advantages of quantum states of light over classical light for probing the retina and visual system will be evaluated. By proposing novel experiments and devices we will make pioneering contributions to quantum biometry and ophtalmology.

quantum vision - blue eye

Project Objectives

retina photonics metrology - quantum vision

Metrology of the Retinal Network

We will develop a general theoretic framework to discuss the fundamental limits of measurement on the retina using light as a probe. Additionally, we will discuss metrologic advantages of the quantum states of light over classical light within this framework. Different states of light have different measurement sensitivity. We will compare the sensitivity of different photonic states for parameter estimation in a functional model of the retinal neural network.

retina - quantum vision

Photonic Quantum Metrology of the Eye

Photonic quantum metrology can reveal a lot about underlying mechanisms of vision. In this project we will determine what can we know about the structure of retina using non-invasive measurements. For this purpose, we will use more sophisticated and realistic neural network models of the retina. We will also utilize the framework of quantum parameter estimation theory. Proposing novel experiments in order to obtain information on the retinal sensitivity limit using quantum states of light is another goal.

biometry cryptography - quantum vision

Quantum Biometry and Ophtalmology

We will propose novel, reliable and precise quantum biometric procedures and devices. These proposals will be based on quantum metrology and machine learning. In our approach we will use the advantages of quantum correlations and photonic quantum metrology to get optimal results. We will also propose quantum ophtalmologic devices and procedures based on these principles. These devices can be used in early and reliable diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's disease.

psychophysics - quantum vision

Psychophysical Experiments

In quantum vision project, we will use psychophysical experiments to demonstrate the fruitful interplay between quantum technologies and neuroscience. We will study the quantum effects and quantum-classical transition as it is reflected in human visual system. Also, we will design psychophysical experiments to study the effects of magnetic field on vision. Another objective is to analyze brain functions by studying the retina in these experiments.